Dream Team Beaute
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Innovation Meets Beauty 

We specialize in creating innovative, industry-changing color cosmetic products. We are unrelentingly focused on the research and development of new marketing concepts, textures, and ingredient technology to catalyze growth for our brand partners. 

We are trendsetters, and we take pride every day in boosting your brand relevance through our expertise and forward-thinking ideas.

Our Capabilities


We don't follow the trends, we define them.



Dream Team Beaute was founded in 2014 by Kimberly Clark and Esme Mancia, who took their combined decades in the color cosmetics industry and created a high-speed, innovative company to serve the needs of their customers. Utilizing their vast knowledge of cosmetics and relying upon their strong technical background, the team at DTB is responsible for creating and developing some of today’s most popular and award-winning cosmetic product lines. Their innovative ideas and concepts can be seen throughout the pages of most major fashion publications. Their ability to design key marketing strategies to promote and help sell cosmetics have earned the respect of peers throughout the beauty and cosmetic professionals.

By always managing to remain at the forefront of today’s pop culture, Dream Team Beaute continues to set both trends and styles within the industry and their expertise is sought after by some of the top cosmetic companies in the world.